About Tone Jones

Tone Jones owner Scott W. built his first distortion pedal in 1986 when working as an Engineering Technician for Rockwell International.

Scott is first and foremost an "all things guitar" enthusiast with a passion for tone and has gigged consistently for the last 25 years constantly experimenting with what works and what doesn't work on stage.

After owning many vintage and modern effects, Scott decided to create his own line of tube amplifiers and hand made guitar effects, adding modern advances to classic designs.

A note from the owner:

I have found that there is no substitute for plugging a guitar directly into a tube amplifier. I would compare a hand wired tube amp to a fine wine - I definitely know when I get a good one! Its all about harmonic complexity.

If I've missed a few days of playing I find that I'm "Jones'n" for tone. When I do get that feeling there's only one way to get the monkey off my back and that's to crank up my hand- wired master volume Plexi Clone and revel in the bubbly, bouncy sound. My goal is to make INSPIRING TONE affordable to everyone.

Rock On!!

Here's a little sample of my saturated tone. This song was recorded in Dallas, Texas at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum in front of ~200 people. I'm playing the lead with my main axe, a 1990 PRS Custom 24 through a Mesa Tremoverb combo. That's me on vocal too, the simple song leaves a lot of room for improvisation and this performance was no exception.

New Orleans Is Sinking