Amp Switch and A/B Looper

Effects Loop and A/B Switch
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This versatile pedal has many uses and can SAVE YOUR TONE by keeping your guitar signal PURE.

Figure 1: Dual Loop Mode

True bypass for tone sucking effects

Hard-wire route your signal directly to your amp OR through two footswitch-able loops.

Loop switch multiple effects with one "click"

Leave multiple effects on and switch them in or out of your signal path with a single click!
With the two switches close enough to hit both at the same time, this configuration allows selection of 4 different modes with a single movement (click of the foot). Once you master this simple concept you can switch tones that would normally take some tap dancing...

Figure 2: A/B/C Mode

A/B/C Amp Switcher:

Hard-wire route your guitar signal to one of three footswitch-able outputs.
Just substitute an amplifier in the right loop to switch between three amplifiers.

Figure 3: Triple Instrument Switcher

Triple Instrument Switcher:

Connect three instruments and one amp to the A/B Looper and switch between them with a click. This configuration allows you to very quickly switch between instruments without fumbling around with cables on stage.
Note that effects could be used in the left loop and would then work with whichever guitar is selected.

Figure 4: Amp Input Switcher

Switch Between Amp Inputs:

Connect one output to your normal channel and one to your vibrato channel (for example).

This simple yet powerful setup gives you access to a second amp channel! This application works with any non-switching two channel amplifier – of any make!

Figure 5: Tuner Mute - Or not...

Tuner Mute:

Simply connect the send of either loop to your tuner and leave the return open – click on the switch and your signal is routed to the tuner.
As noted with the dashed lines above, other effects may also be used in the tuner loop.

Internal 9Vdc Battery and DC Jack Included:

This unit requires a power source for
the LED's only. Switching functions do not require power.

Other modes:

  • Compare Two Looped Effects – Switch each effect in or out or step on both switches at once to switch between loops!
  • Weed Out Signal Degrading Effects – There's no easier way to determine which of your effects is sucking your tone.

It's no secret that effects without true-bypass "suck tone" from your guitar. The A/B Looper allows you to put your effects in a True Bypass loop that keeps them out of your signal path when not in use.

Boss, MXR, Ibanez, Zoom - any single or multi-effect without true bypass will change your guitars tone. When you connect several in a row you get significant tone loss noticeable to even the casual listener. Buy Tone Jones and Save Your Tone!